How I managed to stop the progression of ALS


Dragan Atanasovski

I want to share my ALS journey until now, and how I managed to stop my progression.
One year ago I was diagnosed with ALS and after first shock and disbelief I started to fight back and I was convinced that I will beat ALS, but things didn't come up as I was hoping.

I was "lucky" to have a friend, physiotherapist, who is working in team of 20 medical professionals for one of the richest sheiks of Qatar, who is also pALS. One of the main neurologist on the team is from one of the six US hospitals involved in NurOwn trial(I can't share her name without permission). However I started to copy his protocol, which includes Radicut, Protandim, Ibudilast, Tutca, grape extract and every six months stem cells transplant in Ukraine.
I did all of that thinking I have found cure for my disease, but I was wrong. In that months my progression was 1.6 points per month instead expected 1 point. So, I cut everything except Ibudilast and surrender myself to whatever happens to me. I wasn't just thinking, but actually searching the best way to end this misery.

When I had first symptom, weakness in my right hand, one member of my family had vision of me in wheelchair, you can imagine my reaction, I am IT architect, who spend whole his life in resolving logical mathematical problems for complex systems, and I was convinced that my hand weakness was gym injury related. For me it was nonsense.
But now, when I was with confirmed diagnosis and progressing super fast, this person had second vision, that I was poisoned with heavy metals during my multiply visits to South America in past couple of years (I had project there)
For me even now that was nonsense, but I decided to check this in laboratory, because my eye water and tears were somehow acid and burn a lot. I did my test in leading lab in Switzerland. It turns out that I was poisoned with mercury and lead. I did very difficult experimental detox (please don't ask me what I did) and beginning of December I was mercury free, but my progression already put me in wheelchair.

Then just before end of last year third vision has arrived. This time was something that will save my life, and it was absurd in any way, it was Mummy! I was believing in visions now, but Mummy?! Anyway I started to research and found out that in 15 century in pharmacies in London as medicine were sold parts of mummified Egyptian corpses, discussing in any way. But, than I found out that balm used for mummification was actually one of the strongest natural medicine that is collected from high mountains in Russia. Lucky for me I managed to find original Mummy Balm in London
So, as it was quite inexpensive I decided to try it out without any expectations. I'm taking it twice daily. In next two months I have noticed that somehow I feel that I have more strength within me inside, but without any real change in body and muscle strength. 

Beginning of March I applied another treatment, synchronization of bio energy and bio frequency fields of my body with machine that accumulates solar scalar waves and trough machine's frequency converter directed toward me. How I found about this treatment? Well, I'm born Macedonian and even my whole life I lived between Switzerland and UK I kept strong connections with Macedonia and in this case it's ALS community. One pALS was on Edaravone treatment in hospital in Japan were Edaravone's clinical trial in first place was conducted and they suggested this kind of treatment known as treatment for cancer patients. He found holistic healing center in Macedonia (their Facebook page is httpss:// and started with treatment there.
As I'm UK based, I couldn't travel all the time plus situation with coronavirus was heating. So, I asked if they can sell me one of their unique machines as their business is not about selling machines, but it's providing services. Finally I managed to obtain new one for $4200 plus around $200 for shipping.

Long story short, after five months of Mummy Balm intake and two months with synchronization of my body bio energy fields my progression is completely stopped, even I'm almost quadriplegic and my voice is also almost gone, I don't have any issues with pulmonary track, with breathing, also no issues with swallowing, actually my appetite is higher than any one in my family.

Only improvement I have so far, if I may say reversed symptom, is middle finger of my left hand. I can give command from my brain and then finger moves little bit and then starts shaking. My physiotherapist said that it's not just reflex shaking. My neurologist (from leading Europe's MND centar) said that this is very strange and unusual, but he thinks reversal is not possible in ALS patients. However he will intensly monitor my situation.

I truly believe that something is changing in my body, I can feel it. My next step is to try to make my muscles stronger. I think that I can accomplish this by taking high dosage of slow-digesting protein like Casein. Will see what will be the result, however I'm thankful to God for stopping my progression.