Establishment and Validation of an Individualized Cell Cycle Process-Related Gene Signature to Predict Cancer-Specific Survival in Patients with Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Shi R, et al. Cancers (Basel) 2020.


More accurate models are essential to identify high-risk bladder cancer (BCa) patients who will benefit from adjuvant therapies and thus helpful to facilitate personalized management of BCa. Among various cancer-related hallmarks and pathways, cell cycle process (CCP) was identified as a dominant risk factor for cancer-specific survival (CSS) in BCa. Using a series of bioinformatic and statistical approaches, a CCP-related gene signature was established, and the prognostic value was validated in

other independent BCa cohorts. In addition, the risk score derived from the gene signature serves as a promising marker for therapeutic resistance. In combination with clinicopathological features, a nomogram was constructed to provide more accurate prediction for CSS, and a decision tree was built to identify high-risk subgroup of muscle invasive BCa patients. Overall, the gene signature could be a useful tool to predict CSS and help to identify high-risk subgroup of BCa patients, which may benefit from intensified adjuvant therapy.