Introduction to sacral neuromodulation therapy for urinary bladder dysfunction using an InterStim system

Bladder Cancer

Harries F. Br J Nurs 2020.


Sacral neuromodulation is an internationally endorsed therapy recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for patients who have refractory overactive bladder symptoms and/or idiopathic non-obstructive urinary retention when conservative treatments have failed or when patients have been unable to tolerate them. The Medtronic InterStim System used at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham received CE mark approval in 1995 for bladder indications. To date, over 300 000

patients worldwide have been treated, with 61-90% reporting satisfaction with treatment (Sutherland et al, 2007; Leong et al, 2011). It is a safe and effective intervention that can positively impact upon the management of both of these conditions, in particular overactive bladder. This highly prevalent condition is distressing to the individual and has an economic burden to society comparable in magnitude with that of breast cancer and osteoporosis (Hu and Wagner, 2005).