BCG versus COVID-19: impact on urology

Bladder Cancer

Desouky E. World J Urol 2020.


PURPOSE: To search for evidence base for using BCG in the fight against COVID-19 and the possible impact of these clinical trials on urology practice.

METHODS: A literature review about the basis of the ongoing clinical trials using BCG against COVID-19, as well as the use of BCG in urology and if there are any implications of these trials on our practice.

RESULTS: Based on data from some epidemiological studies, there are some current clinical trials on the use BCG as a possible prophylactic vaccine against SARS CoV-2 which can affect urology practice. Urologists are already struggling with the global shortage of BCG which can be even more aggravated by such trials. In addition, if the ongoing trials proved the efficacy of BCG as a prophylaxis against COVID-19, this may open the door to more urological research opportunities to question the possibility that intra-vesical BCG, given its systemic immunologic effect, may have been protective to this subgroup of urological patients.

CONCLUSION: The ongoing clinical trials using BCG against COVID-19 can affect our urology practice. We need to stay vigilant to such impacts: BCG shortage and possible new chances for urology research work.