MIR22HG regulates miR-486/PTEN axis in bladder cancer to promote cell proliferation

Bladder Cancer

Tang Q, et al. Biosci Rep 2020.


The tumor suppressive role of MIR22HG has been studied in several types of cancer. We analyzed the TCGA dataset and found the downregulation of MIR22HG in bladder cancer (BC). Bioinformatics analysis predicted the interaction between MIR22HG and miR-486. The direct interaction between MIR22HG and miR-486 was also confirmed by dual luciferase assay. However, overexpression of these two factors did not significantly affect the expression of each other. Interestingly, overexpression of MIR22HG led

to upregulated PTEN, which is a target of miR-486. In cell proliferation assay, overexpression of MIR22HG and PTEN led to decreased rates of BC cell proliferation. Moreover, overexpression of miR-486 played an opposite role and attenuated the effects of overexpression of MIR22HG and PTEN. Therefore, MIR22HG regulates miR-486/PTEN axis to promote cell proliferation in BC.