Association of arsenic with recurrence of urinary bladder cancer

Bladder Cancer

Pal DK, et al. Trop Doct 2020.


Arsenic is known to be an important aetiological factor for the development of urinary bladder cancer. It is known to be found excessively in ground water in certain geographical areas, including West Bengal. We have studied patients with recurrent bladder cancer from different areas of this Indian state and correlated arsenic as a causative aetiological factor for development and aggressiveness of the biological behaviour of urinary cancer. We included 31 patients from various parts of West

Bengal state with recurrent bladder cancer who were operated in our institute. Their clinical and residential data and their arsenic content of tumour tissue were measured. Statistical analysis was performed to test the association of tissue arsenic with clinicopathological features of recurrent disease. We found very high levels of arsenic in tumour tissue in all residents of the districts with high prevalence of arsenic in the drinking water. We also observed more aggressive clinicopathological progression and early recurrence in patients with high arsenic content. We conclude that arsenic is a causal factor in the clinicopathological progression of recurrent urinary bladder cancer. Measures to decrease the level of arsenic in drinking water should be taken as this may both improve clinicopathological outcomes in the recurrence of urinary bladder carcinoma, as well as reducing its overall incidence.