Avoiding disruption of timely surgical management of genitourinary cancers during the early phase of COVID-19 pandemic

Bladder Cancer

Quarto G, et al. BJU Int 2020.


As of early July 2020, over 10,000,000 confirmed SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) cases and 500,000 deaths have been recorded worldwide. This dramatic surge of the pandemic resulted in hospital overcrowding and shortage of intensive care unit (ICU) beds, creating a global crisis in health care systems. As many other specialties, Urology was impacted at different levels. A decline in number of elective surgeries was observed, with peaks of over 94% reduction in most affected regions. Outpatient clinics were

largely shifted to virtual consults. Interestingly, there was a significant decrease in hospital attendance for urological emergencies. Urologic surgical training was negatively impacted.