Effects of Tadalafil 5 mg Once-Daily on Serum Testosterone Level, Erectile Function, and Highly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein Value in Hypogonadal Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Bladder Cancer

Hinyokika Kiyo. 2020 Aug;66(8):259-264. doi: 10.14989/ActaUrolJap_66_8_259.


Five mg tadalafil was administered once-daily to 48 patients for 6 months. Their International Prostatic Symptoms Score (IPSS), Overactive Bladder Symptoms Score (OABSS), Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM), post-voided residual (PVR) volume, free testosterone (FT) level, prostate-specific antigen level, and highly sensitive C-reactive protein (hsCRP) value obtained before and 6 months after the treatment were analyzed. The treatment significantly improved the IPSS, OABSS, SHIM score, and PVR

volume (P<0.05), and significantly increased the mean FT level from 6.68 to 7.10 pg/ml ; P<0.05. We observed no significant changes in the hsCRP value and PSA level. However, elevated FT values were noted in 25 (52.1%) patients 6 months after the treatment (FT-increased group). Compared with the non-FT-increased group, the FT-increased group had markedly lower baseline FT value and higher prostatic volume. In both groups, IPSS and OABSS improved considerably. Moreover, the PVR volume, SHIM score, and hsCRP value markedly improved in the FT-increased group (P<0.05). Thus, 5 mg tadalafil administered oncedaily improved IPSS, OABSS, and erectile function, and increased the FT value, in hypogonadal patients with lower urinary tract symptoms. Furthermore, the hsCRP value declined considerably in patients with posttreatment elevated FT level.