A Case of Metachronous Liver Metastasis of Gallbladder Cancer Successfully Treated by Hepatectomy after Chemotherapy

Bladder Cancer

Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 2020 Oct;47(10):1501-1504.


We present the case of a 66-year-old female diagnosed with gallbladder cancer that was initially discovered with contrast enhanced computed tomography. The primary gall bladder tumor displayed heterogeneous enhancement. The patient underwent cholecystectomy with full-thickness excision of the gallbladder cancer. After 3 rounds of adjuvant chemotherapy with the oral fluoropyrimidine derivative, S-1(administered for 4 weeks at 120 mg/day and then stopped for 2 weeks), a metastasis measuring 15 mm

in diameter emerged within hepatic segment 5. The chemotherapy regimen was altered to include 6 months of combination therapy with gemcitabine(1,000 mg/m2)and cisplatin(25 mg/m2)given once every week for 2 weeks and then stopped for 1 week. The hepatic metastasis decreased in size to 8 mm in diameter, and a partial liver resection was performed. After hepatectomy, the patient remains alive and without disease recurrence.