Side Effects of Intravesical BCG and Chemotherapy for Bladder Cancer: What They Are and How To Manage Them

Bladder Cancer

Urology. 2020 Nov 9:S0090-4295(20)31349-2. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2020.10.039. Online ahead of print.


Intravesical therapy for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer decreases recurrence and progression but carries a high risk of side effects, which limit patient adherence. Appropriate management of the toxicities from intravesical therapy requires consideration of the agent used, the side effects experienced, and the timing of those side effects. Management strategies for intravesical toxicities ideally improve patient tolerance without sacrificing oncologic outcomes. This review aims to provide a

comprehensive overview of the available evidence regarding the side effects of intravesical therapies for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and to propose practical strategies for toxicity management.