Super-selective embolisation of bladder arteries for treatment of patients with bladder tumors complicated by recurrent macrohematuria

Bladder Cancer

Urologiia. 2020 Nov;(5):133-138.


The prevalence of bladder cancer in Russia over the past 10 years has increased from 49.6 to 74.1 patients per 100,000 population. Hematuria is a life-threatening complication and one of the common causes of mortality in advanced stages of bladder cancer. Conservative methods of hemostasis do not always allow to achieve a stable effect. In addition, in the cases of intractable bleeding, the patients may require surgical treatment. Due to the prevalence of patients with a high anesthetic risk

group in bladder cancer patients cohort, the minimally invasive hemostasis technologies are more preferable. This review is devoted to one of such methods - superselective embolization of the urinary bladder arteries.