Study on the Effect of Polymer Nano-Loaded Drug System on Bladder Cancer Perfusion

Bladder Cancer

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2021 Feb 1;21(2):955-961. doi: 10.1166/jnn.2021.18638.


Bladder tumor is a malignant tumor on bladder mucosa and the most common malignant tumor of urinary system. At present, bladder cancer is mainly treated by surgical resection and intravesical infusion of anticancer drugs. The high-molecular nano-drug-loading system has the advantages of direct focus of the drug in the treatment of cancer, reduced systemic toxicity and high local concentration. The purpose of this paper was to study the effect of polymer nano-drug loading system on bladder cancer

perfusion. The synthesized polymer was applied to the establishedmouse bladder cancer model, the anticancer effect of polymer nano-drug loading system on mice in vivo was observed, and the health status of mice during administration was determined. It was found that a large number of drugs could adhere to the tumor tissue after perfusion of bladder cancer with polymer nano-drug loading system, and the effect of killing bladder cancer cells was better.