Candidate genes for hereditary colorectal cancer: mutational screening and systematic review

Colorectal Cancer

Belhadj S, et al. Hum Mutat 2020.


Genome-wide approaches applied for the identification of new hereditary colorectal cancer (CRC) genes, identified several potential causal genes, including RPS20, IL12RB1, LIMK2, POLE2, MRE11, POT1, FAN1, WIF1, HNRNPA0, SEMA4A, FOCAD, PTPN12, LRP6, POLQ, BLM and MCM9, and the epigenetic inactivation of PTPRJ. Here we attempted to validate the association between variants in these genes and nonpolyposis CRC by performing a mutational screening of the genes and PTPRJ promoter methylation analysis

in 473 familial/early-onset CRC cases, a systematic review of the published cases, and assessment of allele frequencies in control population. In the studied cohort, 24 (5%) carriers of (predicted) deleterious variants in the studied genes and no constitutional PTPRJ epimutations were identified. Assessment of allele frequencies in controls compared to familial/early-onset CRC patients showed association with increased nonpolyposis CRC risk of disruptive variants in RPS20, IL12RB1, POLE2, MRE11 and POT1, and of FAN1 c.149T>G (p.Met50Arg). Lack of association was demonstrated for LIMK2, PTPN12, LRP6, PTPRJ, POLQ, BLM, MCM9 and FOCAD variants. Additional studies are required to provide conclusive evidence for SEMA4A, WIF1, HNRNPA0 c.-110G>C, and FOCAD large deletions. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.