Experience of mismatch repair/microsatellite instability (MMR/MSI) testing among patients with advanced/metastatic colorectal cancer in the US

Colorectal Cancer

Eriksson J, et al. Curr Med Res Opin 2020.


Objective: We assessed knowledge and awareness of MMR/MSI testing among advanced/metastatic CRC patients in the US who had previously taken the test.Methods: A non-interventional, cross-sectional online survey was conducted among 150 US CRC patients invited through a market research panel. Eligible patients had to be ≥18 years, with stage III or IV CRC (self-reported), had undergone MMR/MSI testing for CRC in past 12 months and could recall the test, and provided informed consent. Descriptive analyses were performed.Results: 81.3% of patients received MMR/MSI testing information from their doctor. Of 64.7% of patients who were a member of a patient support group, 86.6% received information from their groups. Most patients (82.7%) also searched for information on their own (internet searches). Most patients (93.5 to 96.9%) were satisfied with information received from these sources. Reasons for having testing done included increasing knowledge about their cancer (69.3%), being beneficial to determining treatment options (60.7%), and doctor recommendation (62.7%). Key barriers to testing included personal reservations regarding benefits of the test (29.3%), insurance coverage (27.3%), and out-of-pocket costs (18.7%); 45.3% reported no barriers.Conclusions: Patients were well informed about MMR/MSI testing. Increased education of testing benefits and addressing financial barriers may help to further improve testing rates.