AGA Clinical Practice Update on Young Adult Onset Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis and Management: Expert Review

Colorectal Cancer

Boardman LA, et al. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2020.


Though sporadic colorectal cancer (CRC) has historically been a disease that affected people later in life, the incidence of CRC is increasing in people less than 50 years of age. Approximately 20% of young adult onset CRC cases are caused by known hereditary CRC syndromes, but the reasons for this rise in CRC incidence in younger people who do not have a recognized familial condition are not yet known. It is imperative that primary care physicians and gastroenterologists offer appropriate

screening for individuals at risk for hereditary CRC and offer prompt diagnostic evaluation for all patients presenting with signs and symptoms suggestive of CRC, regardless of their age. This review summarizes the existing literature and provides recommendations for early recognition, diagnosis and management of young adult onset CRC.