Information Seeking and Scanning about Colorectal Cancer Screening among Black and White Americans, Ages 45-74: Comparing Information Sources and Screening Behaviors

Colorectal Cancer

Liu J, et al. J Health Commun 2020.


Cancer information seeking and scanning predict a variety of preventive health behaviors. However, previous work has rarely gauged seeking and scanning of specific cancer screening information. Moreover, colorectal cancer prevalence and mortality rates are higher among black than white Americans and it remains unclear if these groups differ in their cancer screening information acquisition patterns. We surveyed black and white Americans between 45 and 74 years of age to investigate rates,

sources, and correlates of colorectal cancer screening (CRCS) information seeking and scanning. Black and white Americans had similar likelihoods of engaging in information seeking and scanning regarding CRCS. However, black Americans reported using significantly more sources for CRCS information seeking and scanning than did white Americans. Both screening test-specific information seeking and scanning are associated with stool-based tests, but only information seeking is associated with flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. We discuss study implications for reaching out to different racial groups to promote colorectal cancer screening behavior.