Thyroid metastases from colorectal cancer 14 years later: A case report and literature review

Colorectal Cancer

Rojo-Abecia M, et al. Cir Cir 2020.


Metastases to the thyroid gland are unusual, especially from a colorectal cancer. We present the case of an 85-year-old female with a history of colon cancer in 2004 treated with surgery, who 14 years later develop dysphonia and dysphagia associated to an elevation of carcinoembryonic antigen. A pathologic thyroid mass was evidenced in a positron emission tomography-computed tomography. The colorectal origin of the mass was confirmed with a biopsy. The patient received surgical treatment doing

the right hemithyroidectomy. This entity must be suspected in patients with oncological history and a new thyroid nodule. Surgery is a therapeutic option with either curative or palliative intent.