Drastic Reduction of Turnaround Time After Implementation of a Fully Automated Assay for RAS-BRAF Mutations in Colorectal Cancer: A Pilot Prospective Study in Real-life Conditions

Colorectal Cancer

Rossat S, et al. Pathol Oncol Res 2020.


In some situations, there is a need for rapid mutation tests for guiding clinical decisions and starting targeted therapies with minimal delays. In this study we evaluated the turnaround time before and after the implementation of a fully automated multiplex assay for KRAS and NRAS/BRAF mutation tests (Idylla™ platform, Biocartis) in metastatic colorectal cancer. The objective of this project was to compare the turnaround times in 2017-2018 with the fully automated multiplex assay to the 2016

results with previous methods. Centers with a number of tests for metastatic colorectal cancer > 100 yearly and a usual turnaround time ≥ 3 weeks for mutation detection were selected. Results of 505 KRAS tests and 369 NRAS/BRAF tests were transmitted by 10 centers. The mean turnaround time from test prescription to reception of results was reduced from 25.8 days in 2016 to 4.5 days in 2017-2018. In conclusion, this pilot project shows that the Idylla™ platform for testing KRAS and NRAS/BRAF mutations allows an optimized turnaround time from test prescription to reception of results.