Multi-omics analysis to identify driving factors in colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Xu X, et al. Epigenomics 2020.


Aim: We aim to identify driving genes of colorectal cancer (CRC) through multi-omics analysis. Materials & methods: We downloaded multi-omics data of CRC from The Cancer Genome Atlas dataset. Integrative analysis of single-nucleotide variants, copy number variations, DNA methylation and differentially expressed genes identified candidate genes that carry CRC risk. Kernal genes were extracted from the weighted gene co-expression network analysis. A competing endogenous RNA network composed of CRC-related genes was constructed. Biological roles of genes were further investigated in vitro. Results: We identified LRRC26 and REP15 as novel prognosis-related driving genes for CRC. LRRC26 hindered tumorigenesis of CRC in vitro. Conclusion: Our study identified novel driving genes and may provide new insights into the molecular mechanisms of CRC.