Longitudinal Changes in Prevalence of Colorectal Cancer in Farm and Non-farm Residents of Saskatchewan

Colorectal Cancer

Abubakari IW, et al. J Occup Environ Med 2020.


OBJECTIVE: To determine predictors associated with longitudinal changes in CRC prevalence in farm and non-farm rural residents in Saskatchewan, Canada.

METHODS: Data from the Saskatchewan Rural Health Study were collected from 8,261 individuals nested within 4,624 households at baseline survey in 2010 and 4,867 individuals (2,797 households) at follow-up survey in 2014. The study sample consists of 5,599 individuals (baseline) and 3,933 at (follow-up) (≥50 years).

RESULTS: The prevalence of CRC increased over time among rural farm (baseline: 0.8%; follow-up: 1.3%, p < 0.05) and non-farm (baseline: 1.4%; follow-up: 2.0%, p > 0.05) residents. Longitudinal predictors of CRC prevalence were: Quadrant, Location of home, Mother ever had cancer, age, BMI, Sex, Radiation, Natural gas.

CONCLUSIONS: Longitudinal changes in prevalence of CRC among farm and non-farm residents appear to depend on a complex combination of individual and contextual factors.