Discovery of Novel PDEδ Degraders for the Treatment of KRAS Mutant Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Cheng J, et al. J Med Chem 2020.


KRAS-PDEδ protein-protein interaction represents an appealing target for cancer therapy. However, fast release of high-affinity inhibitors from PDEδ hampered drug binding affinity and antiproliferative activity. To overcome the limitations, the first proteolysis-targeting chimeric (PROTAC) small molecules targeting PDEδ were designed. Employing PDEδ inhibitor deltazinone (2) and cereblon ligand pomalidomide (6), a series of potent PROTAC PDEδ degraders were obtained. The most promising compound

17f efficiently induced PDEδ degradation and demonstrated significantly improved antiproliferative potency in KRAS mutant SW480 cells. Compound 17f also achieved significant tumor growth inhibition in the SW480 colorectal cancer xenograft model. This proof-of-concept study provided a new strategy to validate the druggability of KRAS-PDEδ interaction and offered an effective lead compound for the treatment of KRAS mutant cancer.