Cicatricial ectropion and madarosis associated with panitumumab treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Jin HD and Blessing NW. Am J Ophthalmol Case Rep 2020.


PURPOSE: To report a case of cicatricial ectropion and madarosis with the use of anti-epidermal growth factor receptor medication panitumumab.

OBSERVATIONS: An 82-year-old man with metastatic colorectal cancer presented with cicatricial ectropion and madarosis after starting panitumumab, an anti-epidermal growth factor receptor medication used to treat metastatic colorectal cancer. His findings resolved several weeks after discontinuation of panitumumab and treatment with lubrication and antibiotic/steroid ointment.

CONCLUSION: This case demonstrates the importance to consider potential medication side effects when treating periocular conditions in patients taking anti-epidermal growth factor receptor (anti-EGFR) agents.