Organoid in colorectal cancer: progress and challenges

Colorectal Cancer

Ji DB and Wu AW. Chin Med J (Engl) 2020.


Patient-derived tumor organoids (PDOs) currently represent important modeling tools in pre-clinical investigation of malignancies. Organoid cultures conserve the genetic and phenotypic characteristics of the original tumor and maintain its heterogeneity, allowing their application in many research fields. PDOs derived from colorectal cancer (CRC) have been used for genetic modeling to investigate the function of driver genes. Some researchers have been exploring the value of CRC PDOs in

chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and radiotherapy response prediction. The successful generation of PDOs derived from CRC could deepen our understanding of CRC biology and provide novel tools for cancer modeling, for realizing precision medicine by assessing specimens from individual patients ex vivo. The present review discusses recently reported advances in CRC PDOs and the challenges they face as pre-clinical models in CRC research.