Implementation of a clinical pathway for the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic

Colorectal Cancer

Evans S, et al. Colorectal Dis 2020.


INTRODUCTION: This report summarises the early experience of implementing elective colorectal cancer surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic METHODS: A pathway to minimize the risk of including COVID-19 positive patients for elective surgery was established. Prioritization and additional safety measures were introduced into clinical practice. Minimal-invasive surgery (MIS) was used where appropriate.

RESULTS: Thirty-eight patients were prioritised, and 23 patients underwent surgery (8 colon, 14 rectal and 1 anal cancer). MIS rate was 78%. There were no major postoperative complications or patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Histopathological outcomes were similar to normal practice.

CONCLUSION: A safe pathway to offer standard high-quality surgery to colorectal cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is feasible.