Human NINEIN polymorphism at codon 1111 is associated with the risk of colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Biomed Rep. 2020 Nov;13(5):45. doi: 10.3892/br.2020.1352. Epub 2020 Aug 27.


NINEIN serves an essential role in centrosome function as a microtubule organizing center, and in the reformation of the interphase centrosome architecture following mitosis. In the present study, the association between NINEIN Pro1111Ala (rs2236316), a missense single nucleotide polymorphism, and the risk of colorectal cancer (CRC), related to smoking and alcohol consumption habits in 200 patients with CRC and 1,141 cancer-free control participants were assessed in a case-control study performed in Japan. The results showed that the NINEIN Ala/Ala genotype compared with the Pro/Pro genotype was significantly more associated with an increased risk of CRC, and the males with the Ala/Ala genotype exhibited a significantly increased risk of CRC compared with those with Pro/Pro and Pro/Ala genotypes. Stratified analyses of the Ala/Ala genotype with CRC risk further showed an increased association in never/light drinkers (<23 g of ethanol/day), in male never/light drinkers and in male patients with rectal cancer. These findings suggest that the genetic variant of the NINEIN Pro1111Ala polymorphism has a significant effect on CRC susceptibility in the Japanese population.