Feasibility of Beans/Bran Enriching Nutritional Eating For Intestinal Health & Cancer Including Activity for Longevity: A Pilot Trial to Improve Healthy Lifestyles among Individuals at High Risk for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Integr Cancer Ther. 2020 Jan-Dec;19:1534735420967101. doi: 10.1177/1534735420967101.


PURPOSE: Examine the feasibility and preliminary effects of a lifestyle intervention of rice bran plus navy bean supplementation, and physical activity (PA) education on intake of fiber and whole grains, and PA levels.

DESIGN: Randomized-controlled, single-blinded.

SETTING: Academic institution and free-living.

SUBJECTS: Adults >18 years, with ≥1 adenomatous polyp removed within 3 years.

INTERVENTION: Participants received powder and pre-prepared meals and snacks that contained either rice bran (30 g/day) plus navy bean (30 g/day), or Fibersol-2® (10 g/day), for 12-weeks. All participants received a 1-hour (PA) education session.

MEASURES: Feasibility was assessed by recruitment and retention rates, and compliance to the study foods and procedures. Three-day food logs were analyzed using Nutritionist Pro™ to estimate fiber intake, and the Automated Self-Administered 24-hour (ASA24®) Dietary Assessment Tool calculated Healthy Eating Index (HEI) whole grain and total scores. PA was measured using an ActivPAL™ accelerometer.

ANALYSIS: Continuous data were summarized as median, range, and percent change from baseline to post-intervention.

RESULTS: N = 20 (86.9%) completed the intervention. Compliance was 92% in the rice bran plus navy bean versus 89% in Fibersol-2®. Navy bean consumption increased from 2 g/day to 30 g/day, and rice bran from 0 g/day to 30 g/day. Fiber intake (g/day) increased by 73% versus 82%, HEI whole grain improved by 270% versus 37%, and HEI total improved by 10% versus 9.1% in rice bran plus navy bean and Fibersol-2®, respectively. Total PA (MET-hours/day) showed minimal change for intervention (+0.04%) and control (+4%).

CONCLUSION: Findings merit a larger trial of rice bran plus navy bean and PA to evaluate efficacy for dietary and cancer prevention-related outcomes.