Status and strategies for the management of head and neck cancer during COVID-19 pandemic: Indian Scenario

Head and Neck Cancer

Gupta A, et al. Head Neck 2020 - Review.


In India, oral cancer is the most common head and neck cancer (HNC) in men in India, mainly due to the consumption of smoked and smokeless tobacco. During the current pandemic, delaying surgery for even 1-2 months may lead to more extensive surgery or inoperability, when only supportive care can be provided. Being semi-emergent in nature, treatment for these patients is currently on hold or delayed in most centres across the country. This study was conducted to assess the impact of COVID-19

pandemic and inability of the health system to treat HNC in a timely fashion and how surgeons are coping to this emergent situation. This article highlights the situation in Indian, a country burdened with one of the highest incidence of HNC. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.