Duration of Cigarette Smoking Is a Stronger Risk Factor Than Number of Cigarettes Smoked per Day for Head and Neck Cancer, and Quitting Dramatically Lowers the Risk

Head and Neck Cancer

Tomar SL. J Evid Based Dent Pract 2020.


ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: Joint effects of intensity and duration of cigarette smoking on the risk of head and neck cancer: a bivariate spline model approach. Di Credico G, Edefonti V, Polesel J et al. Oral Oncol 2019;94:47-57.

SOURCE OF FUNDING: The 33 case-control studies whose data were pooled for this project were supported by a large number of governmental and foundation sources in the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Spain, as well as the World Cancer Research Fund, International Union Against Cancer, and the European Commission. No funding source was reported for the current analysis.

TYPE OF STUDY/DESIGN: Secondary analysis of pooled data from 33 case-control studies.