Psychological issues in head and neck cancer survivors: Need for addressal in rehabilitation

Head and Neck Cancer

Kar A, et al. Oral Oncol 2020.


Rehabilitation in head and neck cancer (HNC) survivors is a lengthy process, based on multiple correlates and is associated with multiple challenges. The authors have tried to depict the psychological issues associated with the rehabilitation of these patients. Problems and discussion: HNC survivors have to undergo a traumatic and stressful process on the path to recovery. They may face are disfigurement, body image disturbances and limitation of activities which increases likelihood of anxiety

and depression. The psychological state in these patients affect treatment adherence, successful rehabilitation, morbidity and overall survival through a multifactorial mechanism. CONCLUSIONS: There is need for multidisciplinary care in rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients to help them cope with stress. Inclusion of a psychiatrist in the rehabilitation team is likely to lead to early evaluation and addressal of mental health concerns and improve quality of life and chances of survival.