Circular RNA hsa_circ_0085131 is involved in cisplatin-resistance of non-small cell lung cancer cells by regulating autophagy

Lung Cancer

Kong R. Cell Biol Int 2020.


Non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) continues to top the list of cancer mortalities worldwide. The role of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in tumorigenesis has been increasingly appreciated, although it is relatively unexplored in NSCLC. Herein, we reported on the role of hsa_circ_0085131 in NSCLC. In the present study, NSCLC tumor specimens exhibited higher hsa_circ_0085131 level in comparison to para-tumor samples. And the higher level of hsa_circ_0085131 was associated with recurrence and poorer

survival of NSCLC. Moreover, hsa_circ_0085131 promoted cell proliferation and cisplatin-resistance. Furthermore, hsa_circ_0085131 regulated cell cisplatin-resistance by modulating autophagy. Hsa_circ_0085131 acted as a ceRNA of miR-654-5p to release autophagy-associated factor ATG7 expression, thereby promoting cell chemoresistance. In conclusion, hsa_circ_0085131 enhances cisplatin-resistance of NSCLC cells through sequestering miR-654-5p to upregulate ATG7, leading to cell autophagy. Therefore, these findings advocate targeting the hsa_circ_0085131/miR-654-5p/ATG7 axis as a potential therapeutic option for NSCLC patients who are resistant to cisplatin. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.