Exercise training as part of lung cancer therapy

Lung Cancer

Cavalheri V and Granger CL. Respirology 2020 - Review.


Exercise training is playing an increasing role in lung cancer care. Lung cancer is associated with significant burden to the individual and healthcare system. There is now substantial evidence that exercise training is safe, feasible and effective at improving several outcomes in people with lung cancer, especially in those with NSCLC. Exercise is beneficial across the lung cancer disease and treatment pathway, including in patients with early stage disease before and after surgery, and in

patients with advanced disease. This review describes the impact of lung cancer and lung cancer treatment on patient health outcomes and summarizes the aims, safety, feasibility and effects of exercise training in the context of both early stage and advanced stage lung cancer. The paper also includes a discussion of current topical discussion areas including the use of exercise in people with bone metastases and the potential effect of exercise on suppression of tumour growth. Finally, seven clinical questions are included, which are a priority to be addressed by future research over the next decade as we strive to progress the field of lung cancer and improve patient outcomes.