Matching-adjusted indirect comparison: entrectinib versus crizotinib in ROS1 fusion-positive non-small cell lung cancer

Lung Cancer

Chu P, et al. J Comp Eff Res 2020.


Aim: To perform indirect treatment comparisons of entrectinib versus alternative ROS1 fusion-positive non-small cell lung cancer treatments. Methods: Relevant studies with crizotinib and chemotherapy as comparators of interest identified by systematic literature review were selected for matching-adjusted indirect comparison by feasibility assessment. Matching was based on known prognostic/predictive factors and scenario analyses were used for unreported confounders in comparator trials. Results: Entrectinib yielded significantly better responses versus crizotinib in all scenarios (odds ratio: 2.43-2.74). Overall survival (hazard ratio: 0.47-0.61) and adverse event-related discontinuation (odds ratio: 0.79-0.90) favored entrectinib. Progression-free survival was similar across treatments, except in one scenario. Conclusion: These results suggested improved outcomes with entrectinib versus crizotinib/chemotherapy and may help to make better informed treatment decisions.