Exosomal expression of RAB27A and its related lncRNA Lnc-RNA-RP11-510M2 in lung cancer

Lung Cancer

Mohamed Gamal El-Din G, et al. Arch Physiol Biochem 2020.


OBJECTIVES: Examine the diagnostic role of serum exosomal RAB27A mRNA in lung cancer and evaluate the relation of LncRNAs to lung cancer in association to RAB27A mRNA in Egyptian population.

METHODS: Exosomal RNA-based biomarkers RAB27A mRNA and Lnc-RNA-RP11-510M2.10 were selected based on bioinformatic methods, followed by RT-qPCR validation of their expression in serum of 20 patients with lung cancer, 10 patients with COPD and 10 healthy volunteers. we examined their expression in 10 bronchoalveolar lavage samples and assessed correlation with the serum levels.

RESULTS: There was an inverse relationship between expression of serum exosomal RAB27A mRNA and Lnc-RNA-RP11-510M2.10 (r = -0.62, p = .00). Both serum exosomal RAB27A mRNA and Lnc-RNA-RP11-510M2.10 showed a significant positive and negative association with lung cancer patients respectively in comparison to patients with COPD and healthy persons (p < .001).

CONCLUSION: RAB27A mRNA and Lnc-RNA-RP11-510M2.10 could be used as diagnostic and prognostic biomarker tools for lung cancer.