Chemistry of Renieramycins. Part 19: Semi-Syntheses of 22-O-Amino Ester and Hydroquinone 5-O-Amino Ester Derivatives of Renieramycin M and Their Cytotoxicity against Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines

Lung Cancer

Mar Drugs. 2020 Aug 10;18(8):E418. doi: 10.3390/md18080418.


Two new series of synthetic renieramycins including 22-O-amino ester and hydroquinone 5-O-amino ester derivatives of renieramycin M were semi-synthesized and evaluated for their cytotoxicity against the metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer H292 and H460 cell lines. Interestingly, the series of 22-O-amino ester derivatives displayed a potent cytotoxic activity greater than the hydroquinone derivatives. The most cytotoxic derivative of the series was the 22-O-(N-Boc-l-glycine) ester of renieramycin M (5a: IC50 3.56 nM), which showed 7-fold higher potency than renieramycin M (IC50 24.56 nM) and 61-fold more than jorunnamycin A (IC50 217.43 nM) against H292 cells. In addition, 5a exhibited a significantly higher cytotoxic activity than doxorubicin (ca. 100 times). The new semi-synthetic renieramycin derivatives will be further studied and developed as potential cytotoxic agents for non-small-cell lung cancer treatment.