The surgical technique for complete resection of lung cancer invading the intrapericardial pulmonary vein and left atrium

Lung Cancer

Surg Today. 2020 Sep 3. doi: 10.1007/s00595-020-02089-1. Online ahead of print.


In patients with lung cancer invading the left atrium, performing complete resection is difficult. In many cases of complete resection, pneumonectomy is performed. We herein report two techniques in which complete resection with negative margins at the intrapericardial pulmonary vein and left atrium was achieved without pneumonectomy. In the first technique, the groove of the pericardium between the right and left atrium was dissected and an atrial cuff was made in a manner that elongated the

intrapericardial pulmonary vein. In the second technique, traction was applied to the atrial cuff, and only the middle lobe vein of the elongated pulmonary vein was resected, to perform atrial cuff plasty. The upper lobe vein and inferior pulmonary vein could be preserved. These techniques of PV elongation and atrial cuff plasty are suitable for both achieving complete resection and lung preservation for lung cancer patients with invasion of the left atrium.