CAVIN2 is frequently silenced by CpG methylation and sensitizes lung cancer cells to paclitaxel and 5-FU

Lung Cancer

Epigenomics. 2020 Oct 5. doi: 10.2217/epi-2020-0157. Online ahead of print.


Aim: To explore the biological functions and clinical significance of CAVIN2 in lung cancer. Materials & methods: Methylation-specific PCR was used to measure promoter methylation of CAVIN2. The function of CAVIN2 was tested by Cell Counting Kit-8, colony formation, Transwell, flow cytometric analysis, acridine orange/ethidium bromide, chemosensitivity assay and xenograft assay. Results: CAVIN2 is significantly downregulated by promoter methylation in lung cancer. CAVIN2 overexpression inhibits lung cancer cell migration and invasion. Furthermore, ectopic expression of CAVIN2 inhibits cell proliferation in vivo and in vitro by inducing G2/M cell cycle arrest, which sensitizes the chemosensitivity of lung cancer cells to paclitaxel and 5-fluorouracil, but not cisplatin. Conclusion: CAVIN2 is a tumor suppressor in non-small-cell lung cancer and can sensitize lung cancer cells to paclitaxel and 5-fluorouracil.