Controversies in the Treatment of Follicular Lymphoma


Hübel K, et al. Hemasphere 2020 - Review.


The overall prognosis of patients with follicular lymphoma has substantially improved over the last decades with a 10-year overall survival of around 80% for the majority of patients. However, for most patients follicular lymphoma it is still a relapsing and remitting disease. Furthermore, certain subsets of patients still have much shorter survival. Currently, there is no established standard how to treat high-risk follicular lymphoma. With advances in the understanding of the biology and

pathogenesis of B cell malignancies, a plethora of new compounds have been investigated in FL. These compounds have the potential to increase efficacy if added to current regimens or even replace them. The implementation of these compounds in treatment algorithms is another unsolved issue. This overview highlights major controversies in the treatment of follicular lymphoma and discusses the most recent and relevant clinical trials.