SOX11 inhibits tumor proliferation and promotes cell adhesion mediated-drug resistance via a CD43 dependent manner in mantle cell lymphoma


Yang R, et al. Leuk Lymphoma 2020.


SOX11 is a critical biomarker for mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) diagnosis; however, its role remains unclear in MCL. Here, clinical-pathological analysis showed Ki67 index was negatively relevant to SOX11 expression only in CD43 positive cases. Coexpression of SOX11/CD43 indicated longer overall survival. In vitro, knockout/overexpression of SOX11 or CD43 promoted/inhibited cell proliferation respectively. CD43 overexpression reversed tumor proliferation induced by SOX11 knockdown. Furthermore, overexpressing/silencing the SOX11/CD43 gene affects phosphorylation of p38-MAPK while p38 inhibitor reversed proliferation induced by si-SOX11 or si-CD43, respectively. In CAM-DR model, both SOX11 and CD43 in MCL cells were elevated when co-cultured with M2-10B4 bone marrow fibroblasts or fibronectin. Knockdown/overexpression of SOX11 decreased/increased cell adhesion, respectively, and the effect induced by silencing SOX11 was reversed by overexpression of CD43. Collectively, SOX11 could inhibit tumor proliferation and promote CAM-DR in a CD43 dependent manner.