The role of translocations involving c-MYC/8q24, BCL2/18q21 and/or BCL6/3q27 genes in patients with follicular lymphoma. Retrospective analysis of single - centre data


Misyurina AE, et al. Ter Arkh 2019.


Aim of the issue was to compare clinical characteristics and treatment results of patients with follicular lymphoma (FL) with translocations involving loci of c-MYC/8q24, BCL2/18q21 and/or BCL6/3q27 genes and patients with high - grade B-cell lymphoma [High - grade B-cell lymphoma (HGBL), double - hit (DH)]. Materials and methods. Since 2004 to 2017 years in National Research Center for Hematology 12 patients with high - grade B-cell lymphoma double - hit (HGBL DH) and 6 FL patients with

translocations involving c-MYC and BCL2 and/or BCL6 had been treated. We performed a comparative analysis of clinical characterisctics in both groups. As primary endpoints was assessed frequency of complete remission (CR) or progressive disease (PD); as secondary endpoints - overall (OS) and event - free survival (EFS). Results. 5 patients with HGBL DH had c-MYC/BCL6, 7 - c-MYC/BCL2 rearrangements; 2 patients with FL had c-MYC/BCL2, 3 - c-MYC/BCL6, 1 - c-MYC/BCL2/BCL6 rearrangements. FL was represented by grade 3A in 2, grade 3B - in 4 cases, 3 of them had large - cell transformation. In HGBL DH and FL patients had no significant differences in clinical characteristics. The majority of patients had a widespread tumour, increased LDH activity, high frequency of extranodal and bone marrow involvement. Ki-67 expression level was lower in patients with FL (p.