Profiling and bioinformatics analyses reveal differential circular RNA expression in NK/T-cell lymphoma-associated hemophagocytic syndrome


Biosci Rep. 2020 Aug 28:BSR20201590. doi: 10.1042/BSR20201590. Online ahead of print.


Circular RNAs (circRNAs) may be potential biomarkers or therapeutic targets of hemophagocytic syndrome(HPS)due to their high stability, covalently closed structure and implicated roles in gene regulation. The aim of this study was to determine and characterize the circRNAs from NK/T-cell lymphoma-associated hemophagocytic syndrome(NK/T-LAHS). CircRNA in NK/T-LAHS and healthy control patient serum were assessed using next-generation sequencing. 143 differentially expressed circRNAs of which 114

were up-regulated and 29 were down-regulated in NK/T-LAHS patients were identified. Next, GO (Gene Ontology) function and KEGG (Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes) pathway analyses to explore the roles of these circRNAs were utilized, and a miRNA target gene prediction software to predict the interaction of circRNAs and miRNAs was used. Moreover, 5 circRNAs were then selected as NK/T-LAHS candidate circRNAs which were related to tumors and contained NK/T-LAHS-related miRNA binding sites. Using real-time PCR, the significant upregulation of these 5 circRNAs in NK/T-LAHS patient serum were verified. Together these results show that circRNAs may serve as valuable diagnostic biomarkers of early NK/T-LAHS, with potential therapeutic targets in disease progression.