Lymphoma with superimposed tuberculosis and fungal infection mimicking parapharyngeal abscess complicated with recurrent neurocardiogenic syncope: a case report


Malays J Pathol. 2020 Aug;42(2):287-291.


INTRODUCTION: Lymphoma of parapharyngeal space (PPS) is a rare condition. The clinical presentations may vary and often masquerades as infection or an inflammatory condition. A misdiagnosis will lead to a delay in treatment of the disease. Due to the complex anatomy of PPS, any attributed pressure from masses can lead to a life-threatening event such as cardiac syncope.

CASE REPORT: We report a rare case of PPS B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma with superimposed Tuberculosis (TB) and fungal infection that presents with several episodes of syncope and hemodynamic depression.

DISCUSSION: The clinical entities in PPS lesions syncope and its associated syndromes, pathophysiology, and differential diagnosis together with possible managements are further discussed.