Tracheal stenosis and recurrent nerve paralysis due to thyroid malignant lymphoma with huge chronic thyroiditis


Clin Pract. 2020 Oct 16;10(4):1276. doi: 10.4081/cp.2020.1276. eCollection 2020 Oct 15.


We experienced a case of huge chronic thyroiditis with malignant lymphoma that caused dyspnea with tracheal stenosis, dysphagia with esophagus stenosis and recurrent nerve paralysis. In this case, thyroidectomy was performed and, after the surgery, there was no sign of breathing or swallowing difficulties, and it was confirmed by the postoperative computed tomography that the tracheal stenosis had improved. We considered two possible explanations for the preoperative right recurrent nerve

paralysis. In the first, the right recurrent nerve could have suffered from mechanical stimulation such as compression and traction to the recurrent nerve due to enlargement of the malignant lymphoma together with chronic thyroiditis. The second possible explanation was that malignant cells had invaded neurons. We could not distinguish between the two possibilities, since this right recurrent nerve was spared and could not be examined histopathologically.